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What is Project Wave?

Project Wave is the brainstorm of Elijah Coleman. Shortly after then governor Roy Barnes (a.k.a. King Roy) stole the True Georgia State Flag replacing it with the ugliest rag in North America, Lijah started Project Wave.

The goal of Project Wave was to install 500 Flag poles across the State, with Our TRUE State Flag, the 56 Flag. He came up with a very inexpensive Flag pole that can be constructed and installed for under $35.00. 

Starting in what became known as Scalawag Alley he started soliciting sponsors and installing these very attractive Georgia State Flag poles.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. The initial goal of 500 installations was surpassed in months, so the group set a higher goal of 1,000 Project Wave installations by the elections last November. Even that goal was passed and today the count is somewhere around 1,100 and climbing.

But as amazing as 1,100 Flags and Poles is, the almost complete sweep in the elections last November is what should catch your attention! The following is one statement that lists part of the results:

The Project Wave campaign, thanks to you and hundreds of others, has helped to remove or defeat the following heritage  enemies and has made the difference in this Georgia election:

Gov. King Roy Barnes Mableton
Speaker Tom Murphy Bremen
Rep. Bob Snelling Douglasville
Rep. Tracy Stallings Carrollton
U. S. Rep. wannabe Roger Kahn Cartersville
Sen. Richard Marable Rome
Rep. Terry Johnson Austell
Rep. Robert Irvin (Buckhead Bob) Atlanta
U. S. Sen. Max Cleland State Wide
Sen. Van Streat Nicholls
Rep. Newt Hudson Rochelle
Dropped out rather than face the electorate
Rep. Charlie Smith (campaign of King Roy) St. Marys
Rep. Roger Byrd (cushy job in Atlanta firm) Hazlehurst

I do not know how many others were defeated in other Project Wave Counties

If you are tired of complaining about what your elected and appointed officials are doing to Your Heritage this is a tool that you can use. If you are tired of complaining and are ready to learn more about how you can duplicate this success in your area, the next page gives the instructions and parts list for the $35.00 Flag Pole.




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