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The Answer is a Resounding "No"
 This is the lesson to be learned from Georgia

The lesson from Georgia is a simple one. The anti-Southern cartel can be defeated. The purpose of this web-site is to provide information on how to do so and to make the same tools available to you. You too can Stand Up and Defend Southern Heritage.

The key to success is Displaying Pride in Southern Heritage - Displaying Our Colors and by doing so showing your support.

In the Georgia Campaign, there two yard signs used. The first was the "Let Us Vote" yard sign. 17,000 of these yard signs covered the Georgia landscape. The PC tried removing them, but like mushrooms in a cow pasture after a spring rain, they just keep re-appearing.

The second was the "Boot Barnes" yard sign patterned after the "Let Us Vote" yard sign that were used closer to the election.

All yard signs contained a toll free number and a web-site address to help people find out where to get theirs.

The success and impact of getting these years signs out can not be overstated. They were also very effective in the Mississippi Flag vote.

Confederate Wave has teamed up with the same company that manufactured the Georgia and Mississippi yard signs to make these tools available for you.

Imagine if every Southern organization; Camp, Chapter, Party, Unit, every group put up 100 yards signs.  That would be close to 250,000 Southern yard signs, covering Dixie Like The Dew!

The weak hearted will say -- Impossible! Yea right, just like King Roy was unbeatable!


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